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Our upcoming event is scheduled for December 2024

The first of its kind, Semiconductor startup forum on IC design & manufacturing services, hosted by GSME is bringing together to support innovative start-ups, small to mid-size private companies to evaluate, collaborate and discuss the ecosystem. Highlighted by a prominent keynote speaker and industry experts panel, the forum offers an engaging platform to connect, exchange ideas, gain knowledge, and build relationships at the vendor pavilion. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Who Should Attend ?

Semiconductor Start-ups, small to mid-size semiconductor companies looking for:

About Event

The semiconductor startup forum covers the essentials of semiconductor technology, including manufacturing, applications, explores emerging trends, security, and future developments. It offers ample opportunities for networking and direct collaboration at the vendor pavilion. It is designed to be a well-rounded program that caters direct link between industry professionals and innovators.

Our 2023 Participants



Thank You for Making Global Semiconductor Startup Forum 2023 a Resounding Success! A spectacular culmination of innovation, collaboration, and expertise — the inaugural Semiconductor Startup Forum hosted by GSME was a phenomenal journey!

Industry Experts Panel Discussion

Top talent and seasoned experts will be delivering direct insight on manufacturing technology and trends. Experts will be available for live question and answer opportunities & to build direct collaboration.

Industry Trends

Global macroeconomic and geopolitical factors are emerging as the dominant forces shaping the semiconductor industry. Learn about the latest megatrends to align to your company’s line of action.

Advanced Manufacturing

Emerging technologies in semiconductor manufacturing where foundries are performing back-end processes and its impact on evolving OSAT world will be discussed. You will also hear about the latest offerings at the fabs and OSATs.

Design Services

Advanced fabrication nodes and design complexity is forcing design houses to use 3rd party design & layout services to maintain their time to market targets. Learn the most up to date and reliable route out in the market available today.

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Event Date

December, 2024



The first-of-its-kind, Semiconductor Startup Forum on IC design and manufacturing services.
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